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Innovate, Reduce Costs, Increase Competitiveness

The manufacturing world is rapidly evolving due to the arrival of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). Whether it’s how manufacturing enterprises operate, how they integrate into supply chains, or how products are designed, fabricated, and used by customers, cloud computing is helping manufacturers innovate, reduce costs, and increase their competitiveness. By leveraging our Smart Services powered by Microsoft products, we build custom solutions designed to impact every aspect of the modern manufacturing company.

Manufacturing & Automotive Solutions

Transform Your Workforce—Connectivity Anywhere

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many manufacturers had limited-to-no access to their factories or employees. As a result, the industry was unprepared to operate remotely, and many companies had to accelerate their adoption of cloud technologies. Embracing cloud technology allows you to provide secure remote work options and ultimately helps address existing skill gaps and enhance safety for your frontline workers. Our Smart Workspace allows your business to embrace desktop transformation with next-generation edge devices. Our team can support your design and engineering workloads and build solutions for high-latency or high-loss demands.

Create a More Resilient Supply Chain—Digital Transformation

Make more informed decisions by analyzing, predicting, and acting on insights that optimize your supply chain. Our Smart Solutions coupled with the Microsoft Manufacturing Cloud create agility in the supply chain to quickly respond to changes in your environment, customer preferences, competitive forces, or unforeseen crises by leveraging the cloud to connect, automate, and gain an end-to-end view of your supply chain and business.

Build More Agile Factories—Infrastructure Standardization

Spend your time optimizing factory operations instead of managing the infrastructure needed to make it happen. Data is a critical enabler in the industry 4.0 era. Having access to the right data at the right time allows companies to go through an intelligent manufacturing transformation that helps securely optimize operations from the edge to the cloud.

Unlock Innovation and Deliver New Services—DevOps Enablement

Accelerate time-to-results, and time-to-market, while innovating faster. Our custom Smart Solutions give you the ability to innovate faster, reduce costs, and improve collaboration by utilizing the affordable, scalable power of the cloud.

Smartly Managed & Secure by Design

Organizing the people, process, and technology to deliver secure technology solutions to your business is a growing challenge amidst the rapid evolution of global regulations and supporting cloud technology.

Because of this, your organization demands more than a one-size-fits-all approach to technology and security. Our Secure-by-Design Smart Managed Services fit any business demand and align with your goals. In addition, our team's unique experience across security and compliance-focused industry verticals allows us to build custom solutions that support many compliance and regulatory needs.

Compliance & Security Programs Supported

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Wolverine Worldwide Case Study
Wolverine Worldwide Case Study
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