Custom SaaS Solutions

Focus on Your App Development, Not Your Cloud Environment

Sure, your team is technical and highly skilled, but the last thing you need them doing is managing your cloud environment. Your engineers need to focus on developing new features for your solution, so you can stay competitive.

Coretek’s SaaS Solutions

Our team of cloud solution architects, understand how to ensure that your app remains stable, secure, scalable, and highly available no matter the changes in your environment. We can assess your environment for cloud readiness, cloud optimization, help envision your plans for modernization, and much more.

Cloud Environment Assessment

Based on your app requirements, your team might know a little about what you need, but our team knows exactly what you need. Our Azure Application Strategy and Assessment engagement defines your current state and provides a roadmap to where you need to go.

Envision Modernization Workshop

Your app may require multiple clouds, or a hybrid environment; and where you are today is not where you need to be to stay competitive in a rapidly changing technology marketplace. Our Envision Modernization Workshop is the key to your long-term success using Microsoft Azure.

  • Architecture Design
  • Migration Plan
  • Cloud Readiness and Gap Analysis
  • Azure Cost Estimates

Smartly Managed & Secure by Design

Organizing the people, process, and technology to deliver secure technology solutions to your business is a growing challenge amidst the rapid evolution of global regulations and supporting cloud technology.

Because of this, your organization demands more than a one-size-fits-all approach to technology and security. Our Secure-by-Design Smart Managed Services fit any business demand and align with your goals. In addition, our team's unique experience across security and compliance-focused industry verticals allows us to build custom solutions that support many compliance and regulatory needs.

Compliance & Security Programs Supported

  • PCI

“Coretek has been an outstanding partner to support both our technology and business teams as we have navigated the migration of our production application infrastructure from a private data center to Azure while make significant security and performance enhancements. This has been a huge undertaking during which Coretek’s experience, technical savvy, and commitment to completion have been essential and unwavering. We look forward to continued engagement with Coretek and consider then a highly reliable and effective part of our technology team.

— John C. Gonzalez, Chief Operations & Solution Delivery Officer, Alluma

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