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Transforming Healthcare with Innovative Solutions

At Coretek, we are committed to revolutionizing healthcare through advanced technology. Our solutions enhance clinical workflows, optimize patient data management, and ensure superior patient care.

Clinical Cloud Desktop

The Clinical Cloud Desktop is a personalized, mobile desktop that allows clinicians to seamlessly access their work from any location or device. Delivered securely from the cloud, it ensures quick and easy connectivity. Our solution leverages the speed and flexibility of the Microsoft Azure Network. Integrated with Citrix Apps and Desktops and Azure Virtual Desktop, it provides clinicians with sub-10-second reconnect times, offering the most efficient and optimal end-user experience available in any workflow on the market.

Modern Digital Health Solutions

Modern Digital Health Solutions

Large hospitals, medical practices, and acute care services require tailored workflows. Your team needs technology that enhances patient experiences. Our future-ready cloud health solutions equip your team with the right technology, regardless of the need. Each custom solution includes secure connectivity, ensuring security, compliance, and privacy across devices and locations. Our data management solutions provide data interoperability, clinical analysis, and operational analytics. Our solutions support connected patient experiences through personalized care, patient insights, and virtual health services. Empower your team with technology designed for optimal performance and patient care.

Smartly Managed & Secure by Design

Navigating the integration of people, processes, and technology to deliver secure solutions for your business has become increasingly challenging amid the rapid evolution of global regulations and cloud technology. To address these complexities, your organization requires more than a one-size-fits-all approach to technology and security. Our Secure-by-Design Smart Managed Services are tailored to meet diverse business demands and align seamlessly with your objectives. Leveraging our team's extensive experience across various security and compliance-focused industry verticals, we create custom solutions that support a wide range of compliance and regulatory requirements.

Smartly Managed & Secure by Design

“Coretek has been an outstanding partner to support both our technology and business teams as we have navigated the migration of our production application infrastructure from a private data center to Azure while make significant security and performance enhancements. This has been a huge undertaking during which Coretek’s experience, technical savvy, and commitment to completion have been essential and unwavering. We look forward to continued engagement with Coretek and consider then a highly reliable and effective part of our technology team.”

John Gonzalez

– Chief Operating Officer

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