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Coretek Is a Nationally Recognized Microsoft Azure Expert MSP and the #1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider in the U.S.

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Coretek's dedication to building on Microsoft products enables us to focus intensively on the trainings, certifications, and advanced specializations that are required to be a top-tier partner within the Microsoft ecosystem. Our teams develop holistic end-to-end solutions: from assessment to implementation, culminating in managed services. Coretek ensures we maintain strong and consistent alignment with Microsoft's partner teams, fostering transformative growth within their partner ecosystem, and enabling our customers to achieve new heights of success.

Coretek is an Azure Expert MSP

An Azure Expert MSP delivers solutions to customers' business challenges, architected and managed by highly skilled and deeply certified technical consultants and architects. This program fosters better customer service, broader offerings, and closer relationships with Microsoft experts. The Azure Expert MSP program makes it easier for customers to identify partners with proven Azure expertise, as only those who successfully complete the thorough audit are designated and recognized by Microsoft as an Azure Expert MSP.

Coretek is an Azure Expert MSP
Every Service Provided by Coretek and Each Customer Interaction Is Aligned with Microsoft's Highest Standards

Every Service Provided by Coretek and Each Customer Interaction Is Aligned with Microsoft's Highest Standards

Our teams possess extensive knowledge across a wide array of Azure tools and services, ensuring we meet all your business requirements without exception. Whether customers seek to enhance their remote work infrastructure or migrate applications while ensuring compliance and security, Coretek, as an Azure Expert MSP, is proficient in addressing these distinct business needs. Coretek's longstanding and trusted relationship with Microsoft is further solidified by our Azure Expert MSP recognition. Our ties with Microsoft's partner and technical teams afford us early insights, enabling our own teams to craft the most advanced, future-ready solutions for your business.

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“Coretek came to us highly recommended by Microsoft, and as a result, they come with a high degree of credibility.”


– Woodlands Financial Group



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