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Coretek’s Third-Party Integration Software Makes Using Medical Carts Easier and Safer

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Our Custom Cart Connector Software Integrates Your Workflow and Enhances Security

Medical carts are utilized every day in the delivery of healthcare. Your staff depends on their safety and reliability to dispense medication and ensure what they need is accessible when they need it to provide the best possible patient care.



Consolidates multiple authentication methods and logins for access to carts, devices, and applications.

Double Tap Access

Designed for carts with medication drawers: a single tap authenticates desktop access, and a double tap grants drawer access without requiring a PIN.


By leveraging Imprivata OneSign technology and their Confirm ID for Clinical Workflows—methods your staff has already been trained on—it's easier and more secure to access and administer.
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Tap Out

Simply "Tap Out" from the device on the cart, and the end user will be logged out, locking the storage or medical drawer.

Supported Cart Manufacturers

Technologies We Integrate With




OneSign Version 7.7 HF5 or Greater

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CVAD 2112 or Greater

Don’t let forgotten PINs and over complicated systems disrupt your workflow. Work smarter and safer with Coretek Cart Connectors.

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