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Unleash the Power of AI: Elevate Your Document Intelligence

Coretek's Enterprise IQ represents the forefront of AI-powered document intelligence, designed to streamline business processes and enhance efficiency. Powered by Azure OpenAI, Enterprise IQ provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies complex document intelligence tasks.


Enterprise IQ for Your Business

Enterprise IQ extracts data from various file types, facilitating easy sorting, searching, and retrieval of information from a large number of documents. It seamlessly integrates with your Azure environment and private Azure OpenAI instance, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process. Moreover, it is compatible with integration with ChatGPT 3.5 or 4.0, enabling your organization to leverage the latest advancements in AI language models and capabilities.

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Comprehensive Security

Enterprise IQ ensures robust security and personalization, allowing you to act with your specific role in mind. It extracts insights directly from your documents, making informed decisions easier and more intuitive.
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Efficiency Multiplied

Transform your document management with AI, enhancing efficiency and collaboration across industries using Enterprise IQ and Azure OpenAI Services. Its user-friendly interface revolutionizes complex document tasks with unmatched flexibility.

Document Intelligence

Enterprise IQ’s Document Preview feature offers visibility into source material for AI-generated responses, saving time and ensuring trustworthiness. It enables thorough review and validation of AI outputs, ensuring utmost accuracy and consistency in document management.

Start Transforming Your Business Today with Enterprise IQ

Unleash the power of AI to elevate your document intelligence today. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, Coretek offers scalable tools to meet your specific needs and unlock unparalleled business value.

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Start Transforming Your Business Today with Enterprise IQ