Wolverine Worldwide Sees 200% Increase in Product Development Speed

Citrix on Azure Supports Product Development Efficiencies with Virtualized 3-D Applications.

Customer Profile: Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine Worldwide is a Footwear and Products supplier with an extensive global reach, in operation since 1883. Based in Rockford, Michigan, Wolverine has established a global footprint that spans approximately 200 countries.

Industry: Footwear Manufacturing
Headquarters: Rockford, Michigan
Size: Employees 6,550



Business & Technology Challenge

To remain competitive, Wolverine needed to increase its speed to market. Which meant they needed a solution that would allow them to provide their global users fast and reliable access to their business-critical application. Wolverine business leadership required that the solution be in production for users in the United States, Europe, and China within 120 days of the project start. Due to processor requirements needed to run the application and the single database, a typical on-premise solution would not meet their global user’s needs.
The RomansCAD® application that Wolverine uses runs on a centralized database. It must reside in one location and cannot be distributed globally. Wolverine’s power users had significant
3D graphical rendering requirements within the application, and the Task Worker Use Case required access to the application for data entry.
Wolverine tried to make this solution work via their existing infrastructure by moving their Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment into their demilitarized zone (DMZ) while using on-premise NVIDIA graphics cards in their servers. Unfortunately, this solution didn’t deliver the required performance to their end-users in China who needed 3D graphical rendering. The China power users experienced too much latency to do their jobs effectively. Wolverine also set up the RomansCAD® application in an Azure China data center for data entry end-users and used scripts to synchronize the database with the main production database. Again, this solution was determined untenable for the long-term and did not solve the main challenge to provide 3D rendering to Wolverine power users in both China and the United States.

Coretek Solution

Virtual NetScalers located in multiple Azure regions provide SSL VPN connectivity directly to Citrix Resources in Azure.
The delivery of Citrix Shared Hosted Desktops running 3D applications and Shared Hosted Applications for basic data entry users would normally be standard practice. Accessing cloud-based resources from fully redundant and multiple data centers provides global users the ability to have access to critical data and resources from any device and location. Virtual NetScalers located in multiple Azure regions provide SSL VPN connectivity directly to Citrix Resources in Azure. This hybrid cloud solution provides users the access they need to intellectual property in a secure and controlled way, combining a streamlined administrative process for charge back and show back billing based on monthly consumption.


The nine-week project schedule proved the value and efficiencies of the public cloud. It included the design, build, pilot, and production roll-out for a BYOL (Bring Your Own License) model with 130 users across three geographical regions.
This solution ties both user experience and administrative simplicity together while leveraging Coretek’s cloud deployment methodology for a successful implementation, including the expansion into Europe and Japan geographical regions. Wolverine Worldwide IT delivered a solution to their customers that exceeded expectations, and within the timeline they committed to their business leaders. Ultimately speeding their overall product development timeline from 425 to 140 days.

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