Webinar Series: Accelerate Achievement of CMMC Compliance

April 16: Where Does CMMC Apply to Your Business
Join us on April 16 as we delve into CMMC and explore how it applies to your organization:

  • Understanding the needs of your program
  • Structure & compliance of your compliant data, applications, and systems
  • What are the options & models for achieving compliance
  • Preparing for attestation

April 30: The Microsoft Solutions for CMMC Compliance
Join us on April 30 as we explore Microsoft solutions for CMMC compliance:

  • Microsoft CMMC Control Mapping
  • Azure Gov-Cloud Landing-Zone Framework
  • Compliant Detection and Response: Utilizing Defender and Sentinel

May 14: Journey to Achieving CMMC: A Coretek Use Case
Join us on May 14 as we discuss a use case for becoming CMMC compliant:

  • Defining the business problem
  • Coretek solution overview
  • Implementation plan
  • Leveraging automation to achieve compliance

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Date / Time:

Apr 16, 2024
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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