Best of 2020/2021 TekTuesday Webinars


In January 2020, Coretek created a webinar series to showcase and share our expertise in helping companies begin or continue their cloud journey. The first webinar titled Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop Service, Microsoft WVD, & IGEL Bundle focused on the business impact the listed technologies and partnerships could have on your organization. Since that first episode, we have been refining our process and content to ensure that the webinar series drives real value to the audience.

Fast forward to April 2020, we began hosting weekly webinars every Tuesday, and the"TekTuesday" moniker is officially added to the webinar series. While the episode cadence has shifted to one webinar per month in 2021, we have presented 52 total webinars. With such an extensive catalog of on-demand webinars available, we wanted to highlight the best TekTuesday Webinars in our library.

1. Azure Migration Strategies


Migrating to the cloud requires careful planning and execution. It's vital to look at the big picture and ask the right questions. Rushing forward without a plan in place can result in added expense–and an inability to realize the true benefits of the cloud.

Speaker: Clint Adkins, Azure Practice Director | Duration: 30:53 minutes

2. How to Run a Webinar for 1000 Attendees in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams now offers webinars! Meet your customers where they are. Connect with audiences through engaging webinars, broadcasts, and events in Microsoft Teams. Since this video debuted in April 2021, the new Teams Webinar feature is live for all appropriate users.

Speaker: David Frey, Sr. Solution Architect for our Modern Workplace Practice | Duration: 21:53 minutes

3. Microsoft Azure Stack Options for On-Premise Workloads


Extend Azure services and capabilities to your environment of choice—from the data center to edge locations and remote offices—with Azure Stack. Build, deploy, and run hybrid and edge computing apps consistently across your IT ecosystem, with flexibility for diverse workloads.

Speaker: Brian Barnes, CTO | Duration: 32:48 minutes

4. Azure Cost Optimization


Costs in the public cloud can quickly get away from you. Learn some real-world tips for controlling Azure costs and optimizing your spend.

Speaker: Chris Shalda, Sr. Solutions Architect | Duration: 34:04 minutes

5. Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Intune


Learn how to effectively and securely deploy and manage your remote devices and applications with Microsoft Endpoint Manager and Intune. Learn about all four pillars of Microsoft Endpoint Manager(i.e., System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune, Windows Autopilot, and Desktop Analytics)and get a deep dive on Intune. Learn more about our Microsoft Endpoint Manager Quick Start offer.

Speaker: David Frey, Solutions Architect | Duration: 28:52 minutes

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