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Now is the Time to Plan Your Move to the Cloud

Manage and Use Data - As your data continues to grow exponentially, we’ll deploy a platform that’s scalable and high-performing, and cost-effective.

Mitigate Security Risks - Reset your security posture by moving to Azure, where we can leverage new technologies to ensure your data is governed and secure.

Improve Business Collaboration - Provide your employees with better analytics and Power BI dashboards to manipulate, learn from, and act on your data when and where they need it.

We Simplify Your Migration to Azure

Our proven 5-step migration process to design, deploy, and optimize cloud solutions ensures you improve data management performance and scalability while lowering costs. Mitigate the risk of cybersecurity attacks with new security technologies to ensure your data is appropriately governed and secure. Improve business collaboration through better analytics and Power BI dashboards.

Our Five-Step Migration Process

1 - Assess the Environment - Understand your current situation and plan the next steps using Coretek’s comprehensive assessment and TCO analysis tool. Also, consider a proof of concept to confirm practical effectiveness.

2 - Plan & Design - Ensure a 360-degree approach to your migration—not just the virtual machines (VM). Our proven methodology optimizes your workloads.

3 - Migrate to Azure - Move at your own pace with confidence using integrated, first-party migration tools and support from our team.

4 - Manage the Infrastructure - Reset your security posture by migrating to Azure. We will leverage new and modern technologies to ensure your data is governed and secure.

5 - Optimize the Environment - Beyond the move, our team will continually monitor and provide robust performance analysis for ongoing optimization of data health and performance.

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