Coretek Announces Partnership with deviceTRUST

FARMINGTON HILLS, MI., June 12, 2023  --  Coretek, the #1 Microsoft Azure Partner in the U.S. and an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider today announced their formal partnership with  deviceTRUST, leader in Contextual Security for digital workspaces in the enterprise. This partnership benefits customers by delivering an additional layer of security for workspace access and authorization.

The Coretek and deviceTRUST collaboration brings customers the most secure endpoint environment accessing corporate workspaces. deviceTRUST complements Coretek’s Unified Device Management service to provide security and management of critical end-user devices you depend on daily – managing devices through a secure, compliant, and cost-effective process using native Microsoft products.

The deviceTRUST client software is integrated with Coretek’s offerings and can be easily deployed, updated, configured, and managed at scale.

“Coretek is excited about the increased value that a deviceTRUST alliance will bring, especially to our larger enterprise organizations that are struggling with hybrid work in the insurance, finance, and healthcare spaces,” said Brian Barnes, CTO of Coretek. “ True digital transformation is a challenge, and an experienced partner makes all the difference.

As the #1 Microsoft Azure partner in the US, we are deeply knowledgeable and we know how to keep you ahead of the curve, no matter the circumstances. Our team eliminates the stressors of security and scalability and enables you to focus on your business.”

“We are excited about our partnership with Coretek and the opportunity it brings to make digital workspaces even more secure in today’s hybrid work environment. Integrating deviceTRUST with Coretek provides an additional security factor for customers’ Zero Trust strategies,” said Sascha Goeckel, CEO of deviceTRUST. deviceTRUST, it’s easy to adapt access individually to the different requirements of your company. And with working-from-home now the norm for many, it's more important than ever to ensure that your devices are secure and validated for access to sensitive information,” added Barnes. “We are pleased to be teaming with deviceTRUST to help make it easier for our customers to secure and manage their modern workplaces.”

About deviceTRUST:

The right IT security strategy is essential in a hybrid work environment. With the Contextual Security platform, deviceTRUST enables to work with secure digital workspaces from any location, with any device, over any network and at any time. Meanwhile, it gives IT departments all the information and control they need to meet all security, compliance, and regulatory requirements. The strong partnerships with the leading technology platforms and the easy integration into any existing workspace management solution convince customers from all industries. The context is always up-to-date and any change triggers a definable action. With the device as an additional factor, deviceTRUST takes conditional access to the next level and is the optimal extension to zero trust strategies. For more information on deviceTRUST, visit

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