Coretek Launches Enterprise IQ: Azure OpenAI-Powered Document Intelligence Platform

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FARMINGTON HILLS, MI., February 21, 2024 --  Coretek, one of the top Microsoft Azure providers in the U.S. and an Azure Expert Managed Service Provider today announced they have launched Enterprise IQ, powered by Azure OpenAI services. The user-friendly interface elevates document intelligence by simplifying complex tasks.

Among the game-changers Enterprise IQ includes, is a document preview feature for AI-generated responses, providing an efficient and reliable way to review and validate AI outputs – ensuring the highest level of accuracy and consistency in document management.

“One of the things we’re most excited about is that Enterprise IQ offers seamless integration with your Azure environment and private Azure OpenAI instance, ensuring a smooth and efficient implementation process,” said Clint Adkins, Chief Product Officer of Cortek. “Additionally, Enterprise IQ is ready for integration with ChatGPT 3.5 or 4.0, allowing your organization to leverage the latest in AI language models and capabilities.”

Enterprise IQ features robust security and safeguards to maintain the integrity of your business while maintaining a level of personalization that enables you to respond with your role/persona in mind. 

“With Enterprise IQ’s ability to extract insights directly from your documents, making informed decisions has never been as intuitive – or easy,” added Adkins.

Enterprise IQ is perfectly suited for any trade or business with the need for contract look-ups, warranty searches and frequent customer service information inquiries – making it ideal for ideal for specific niches and industries, as well.

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