Insights by Coretek Now Available for All Azure Customers

Businesses Use Insights to Gain Visibility, Control Cost, and Secure their Azure Environment

Today, Coretek announces that Insights is available for all Microsoft Azure customers. With the exciting addition of new functionality, Azure customers of all sizes can use the Insights tool to gain control and visibility into their Azure and Modern Work environments.

In January of 2022, Coretek launched Insights (previously Azure Management Suite), their all-in-one Microsoft Azure and Modern Work Management Suite, in response to the great need businesses have as they grow their technology footprint. After many years of delivering cloud solutions and managed services, Coretek understood that stakeholders, financial, and IT teams needed a simple way to manage and connect data across their Azure and Modern Work tools.

To empower their customers with next-level cloud and modern work management tools, Coretek invested heavily in the re-innovation of their tool Azure Management Suite. By rebranding to "Insights" and re-tooling the platform, Coretek now delivers more accurate Azure and Modern Work consumption and predictive analytics than ever before. The Insights platform enables growth-minded businesses to easily manage their Azure and Modern Work tools and subscriptions. It provides a customer-facing self-service portal that allows access across the customer's business providing transparency, financial management, governance, and auditing. Using Insights, stakeholders at any business level can view reporting on usage, manage licenses, and optimize for consumption requirements allowing them to make informed business decisions quickly.

“Provisioning new users and licenses used to take hours for our team; now, using Insights by Coretek, it only takes our team minutes to do the same tasks. This platform has simplified and sped up the daily management of our Microsoft Azure and Modern Work tools.”

—IT Services Engineer, Coretek Customer

The Insights platform enhances the overall experience for each Coretek customer leveraging the cloud. It enables Coretek to serve them with timely and accurate data saving both Coretek and their customers time and money. 

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