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Protect Your VMware Workloads in the Ultra Secure Azure Cloud 

Coretek’s team will lead your organization to progress at your own pace to move or extend on-premises VMware environments to Azure. As the #1 Azure partner in the U.S., we retain top-tier technical experts who will help you invest in Azure strategically to meet your business goals. Our quick start is a 2-3 week pilot based on your business requirements.

Our AVS Quick Start Includes

A workshop to envision planned architecture, security & understand broad integration and connection points.
VA finalized design of VMware DR in Azure and Pipeline deployment for proof of concept.
Deployment of one Azure Vmware Solution Cluster consisting of three Azure Bare-metal hosts, one VCSA, one NSX-T Gateway.
  • Proof of Concept is deployed via Coretek approved architectural patterns so that we can demonstrate best practices that do not come out of the box.
  • Azure resources are authorized to interact with each other using Managed Identities.
  • All secrets are populated in an Azure Key Vault, ensuring that no secrets are unsecured in code or elsewhere.
  • Connect AVS cluster in Azure to Customer Gateway via ExpressRoute.
A demonstration of one Virtual Machine Migration from on-Prem vSphere cluster to AVS vSphere cluster.

*Quick Start Assumptions: Customer is responsible for Azure consumption costs and will enable connectivity to the data sources required. Deployment of Proof of Concept will be in a Non-Production Azure environment. Customer has reasonably secured the Azure subscription to support any sensitive data. Cloud Adoption Framework GAP analysis is a later phase, not included in Proof of Concept.

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