Cloud Foundations Assessment

Cloud Foundations Assessment

Evaluate, Plan, & Execute A Successful Cloud Migration Strategy 

Why Should You Migrate to the Cloud?

  • The cloud supports expanding application environments at a much lower cost than an on-premises or hosted environment.
  • The cloud requires less time to manage, administer, and update
  • The cloud provides agility, scalability, and improved performance to better address business opportunities and enhances user productivity.
  • The cloud reduces risk and minimizes the frequency of application downtime.
  • The cloud helps manage and maintain applications more efficiently by reducing the time needed for day-to-day support.
  • The cloud scales as you need and offers a pay-as-you-go model.

Our Cloud Foundations Assessment Includes

An Azure Foundations Assessment is the first step in understanding your technology assets and how you can move to Azure which includes an assessment of the costs (Total Cost of Ownership) associated with the move and ongoing maintenance of the environment. In addition, you gain insight into the overall need and benefits of moving to Azure; as well as a path to the future for how best to operationalize costs, reduce costs, increase workflows, and move workloads to PaaS (removing the ownership of traditional IaaS environment from the IT's shoulders).

A complete Azure Foundation Assessment is an entire plan for migrating your assets and includes:

  • What the new Azure environment looks like.
  • Tools and skills required to support the environment.
  • Cost over time for consumption and operations.
  • Timeline and work effort to move workloads to Azure (including workloads that would require extra attention).
  • Deliverables: Identity Architecture, Network Architecture, and Subscription Architecture.

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