Security Assessment

Security Assessment

An Analysis of Your Cross-Platform Security Posture

As a trusted Microsoft Azure Expert Managed Service Provider, Coretek has extensive experience administering Azure assessments, executing highly secure Microsoft Azure migrations, GCC (Government Community Cloud), and GCC High Microsoft 365 migrations. This Security Assessment is an analysis of your cross-platform security posture, evaluation of vulnerabilities and identity risks, and provides recommendations to mitigate the identified risks.

Our Assessment Process

  • Strategy & Plan Workshop to identify your business priorities, timelines, and milestones in the upcoming year for successful secure cloud adoption.
  • Review Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Azure Secure Scores with a certified security partner and provide recommendations to improve. Secure Score looks at the resources created in Azure and multiple areas within the Office 365 and Azure Active Directory environment.
  • Review Software, Server, and Desktop Assets to identify unsupported desktop and server operating systems, unmanaged devices, and user vulnerabilities.

What is Included?

  • Zero Trust Architecture Review
  • Cloud Adoption Framework Discussion
  • Secure Score Value
  • Executive Security Adoption Roadmap Planning with Cost Analysis and Benefits, 3rd Party Solution Comparisions, and Licensing

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