How to Fulfill New Cyber Security Insurance Requirements





You Will Learn About

  • Drivers for these Changes
  • The Latest Insurance Requirements
  • How to Quickly Meet the Requirements
  • Open Discussion and Q&A

Cyber risk is a growing global concern for organizations and public entities as utilization and dependence on information technology and digital devices expand. Threats from network intrusions, malware, and phishing activity continue to rise. Recent growth in ransomware incidents and increased cyber-attack success rates have changed the business impact and risk landscape. Insurers have noticed. Thus, insurers are raising prices and applying tighter underwriting standards and requirements for renewal and new policies.

At this month's webinar, you can ask the experts how your business can satisfy these new standards that insurance companies are mandating to obtain cyber security incident insurance. Join Coretek's CSO, Brian Herr, for an interactive webinar.

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