Leveraging Lakeside to Managed O365

Leveraging Lakeside to Managed O365

Sep 16, 2020


The Challenge

The way people work is changing. Across the world, staff is turning to apps and devices that allow them to work their own way - to get more done, faster. These new technologies represent great opportunity but also a challenge for IT, who looks to run a cost-effective operation while optimizing for the digital experience.


The Solution

Lakeside Software's SysTrack provides deep insight into end users, the business processes that encompass their jobs, and the technologies they use to get work done. By not only monitoring but also analyzing those three key areas, SysTrack provides you with actionable intelligence for delivering a superior end-user experience and enabling productivity.

During this webinar we'll be looking at:

  1. Common problems that O365 Admins experience
  2. How Lakeside's SysTrack solves these issues
  3. A quick demo of Lakeside Dashboards
  4. Customer benefits of Coretek's relationship with Lakeside

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