Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine Worldwide

May 31, 2019

Citrix on Azure Supports Product Development Efficiencies with Virtualized 3-D Applications.

Customer Profile

Wolverine Worldwide

Industry: Footwear Manufacturing

Headquarters: Rockford, Michigan

Employees: 6,550

Wolverine Worldwide is a Footwear and Products supplier with an extensive global reach, in operation since 1883. Based in Rockford, Michigan, Wolverine has established a global footprint that spans approximately 200 countries.

To remain competitive, Wolverine needed to increase its speed to market. Which meant they needed a solution that would allow them to provide their global users fast and reliable access to their business-critical application. Wolverine business leadership required that the solution be in production for users in the United States, Europe, and China within 120 days of the project start. Due to processor requirements needed to run the application and the single database, a typical on-premise solution would not meet their global user’s needs. Wolverine Worldwide partnered with Coretek to build the right solution.

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